How you can work with us

Based on our business model and our practical experience, Vizah GmbH/Co Ltd has developed a cooperation model that offers two possibilities for you to work together with us. The two forms differ mainly in terms of the team which is provided for you. As a Near-shoring solution in Pristina - the "Dedicated Team" - Vizah will provide you with a team of one or more subject matter experts according to your requirements for a project or for an indefinite, long-term cooperation. The second possibility of cooperation, "Services at fixed prices", is that you hand over to us a project or work packages with exact requirements and we realize them within defined time, quality and costs.

Dedicated Team 1

The dedicated team is the tailored team to which you have direct access. For example, if you want to strengthen and relieve your current team with other team members. Your team does not necessarily have to be on-site, but can also provide the service remotely. You have clear requirements as to which competencies your team members should demonstrate. That's how Vizah puts together the perfect team.


Cost reduction

The dedicated team reduces personnel costs to 40%. However, you reduce your entrepreneurial risk and create more competitive advantages over the competition.

Skills transfer

By linking your resources with our resources, you will increase your efficiency.                                                                        

Capacity optimization

Relieve your team of activities that can be done by others with the same quality and at a lower cost.                                 

Maximizing performance levels

As a reliable partner, we guarantee you a maximized performance level, a secure path to team success and to meet deadlines or delivery agreements.                                    

Direct access to the project team

You have direct access to your team and allocate the tasks yourself.                        


Support & Maintenance

You need one or more team members in case of failure.


You are planning to release a new version or you would like to constantly develop your software.

Software Customizing

You have an ERP system or other software that always needs to be adapted to the needs of your employees, and you need a specialist to implement it.


You have the idea and know what you want to develop so Vizah will put the project together in a very short time.


  • Digitale Transformation
  • IoT – Internet of Things
  • Industry 4.0
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Lean Startup
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Big Data
  • Data management


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With Vizah you take no risk. We offer our prospective customers the opportunity to start a free pilot project with us.

You give us a small work package, including the requirements, and we do the work for you. If you are satisfied with the delivered result, we can enter into a partnership.