How To Choose The Right Dedicated Software Development Team in 2020

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When you are looking to finish a software development project for your company, choosing the right development team to outsource the project to is extremely important. The reasons for outsourcing software development are abounding, from cost and time efficiency, to gaining access to a team of professionals who will take your project to the next level.

Team von Softwareentwicklern.

The main question every business owner has to answer is how to hire a dedicated team that will successfully deliver the best product for your company?

Know Where to Look

When searching for a development team, time might not be on your side and you might be finding yourself picking the first option that comes before you. Fortunately, there are multiple sources you can rely on, in order to find the best match:

  • Word of mouth

Everybody agrees that word of mouth is the best advertisement for any kind of service, software development included. Ask your friends or colleagues from the branch to recommend someone they’ve previously worked with and make a list. Afterwards, do some research and see who is the best suited for your needs.

  • Look online

Many software development companies advertise their services directly through their website. A well put together website has a lot to say about the company, so make sure to pay good attention to this. If you don’t know where to start, try searching for some relevant keywords, such as “app development services”, “dedicated web development services” and so on.

  • Go to conferences

In order to keep up with what is new in the industry, software developers often participate in conferences or meetups, which are usually covered in the media. Look for such events, attend, and discuss with developers face to face. The advantage is that you will get the chance to meet part of the team in person and have a more informal discussion that will hopefully give you an idea about them.

Evaluate Skills and Experience

After making a list with potential vendors, which should not be larger than 4-5 options, take some time to evaluate their skills and past experience, to see if they can meet your needs. In order to make an informed decision, you should take into consideration the following:

  • Experience: if you need to outsource a complex project, look for teams that have at least 2 years of relevant experience in your desired field. While young teams do not necessarily lack the skills, they may not have the overall experience to finish a complicated project.
  • Portfolio: ask about past work and clients and contact them for reference. Ask if they were satisfied with the project management, as well as overall product development. Looking for genuine reviews will give you much more perspective and will serve as proof of their skills.
  • Product quality: request examples of their previous work or, if possible, try to use the services of previous clients. Try to see if their products are intuitive, fast-working and user-friendly. This will show you if the team can deliver high-quality services.
  • Communication skills: managing a virtual team is hard enough already. Ask how you will be keeping in contact and how often you will be briefed about the development process. Ideally, you will be receiving updates every few days, but this depends on the deadline and the complexity of the project.

Why Hire a Dedicated Team at Vizah GmbH?

No need in recruiting

By choosing the dedicated team, you won’t have to spend time on searching the developers for your project. Vizah provides you with all the necessary specialists and cutting-edge equipment for implementing your project into reality.

You’ll also save money on workspaces, office expenses, insurance policies, on various trainings and so on.

Having team in one place significantly simplifies the communication, planning and the development process.

Full Control over the Project Flow

You have a full control over the team activity and their workload. Set the direction of your project according to the priorities.

Direct communication between the team and the client is a crucial factor in any successful software development projects. Dedicated team members have no reasons in hiding the possible issues in a product development. As a result, this allows client to react quickly and make the right decisions in the right time.

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