IT Nearshoring – Benefits of nearshoring your IT Projects to a nearby country.

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IT Nearshoring
Software development nearshoring in the IT Industry has seen major growth in recent years among EU Companies. The reason behind the growth of nearshoring lays behind the benefits which are offered by transfer of the IT Operations and software development processes to the nearby countries. Cutting development costs while maintaining high standards of services, creating professional relationships, having the same culture, being in the same time-zone and the possibility of holding personal meetings at key stages of a project are just a few of the advantages that nearshoring offers. Software companies in countries like Switzerland, Germany and Norway are using nearshoring as a model of delegating their projects to providers in nearby countries like Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia. South-Eastern European countries are a goldmine to be discovered when it comes to finding a talent pool of highly skilled software developers

What is IT nearshoring?

IT nearshoring is the process of moving IT projects from your own country to another country which is geographically close and has similar culture and working environment but is less expensive and has a large pool of experienced software developers. Being geographically close eliminates time-zone problems and makes it possible to arrange meetings when necessary.

What is the Difference between Offshoring and Nearshoring?

The difference between offshore outsourcing and nearshoring is the proximity and the quality of the service offered. Knowing the localized client base that you are serving, understanding their culture, the ability to go on-site to have meetings and creating relationships with the clients makes a huge difference when it comes to software outsourcing. Therefore, nearshoring has become one of the most popular outsourcing models among European companies in recent years.

When should you choose Nearshore IT Development?

Companies who offer software development services, large or medium size companies who have an IT Department or startups that need to work on project-based contracts can use nearshoring as a form to lower their project cost and improve the overall quality of their software development. Nearshore IT Development could be the right choice for many reasons, but the most important ones are the ability to meet personally with the provider, which can lead to a smooth and easier implementation of your offshore IT Project.

Which are the top Nearshoring countries in South-Eastern Europe:

Due to the education system and large population, which is dominated by youth generation, countries like Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia & Serbia offer a wide range of qualified profiles of the IT Sector.

Kosovo leads when it comes to creating qualified software developers. It has a wide range of developers in different profiles. It also leads in terms of projects being outsourced from German-speaking countries like Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

IT nearshoring providers like Vizah Gmbh leverage the talent pool of countries like Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia to provide efficient development teams for companies in Switzerland, while still having a good presence in Switzerland

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