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We proudly present selected projects and customers who have given us the confidence to work with you. In the future, we will do our best to fulfill our role as a strategic software partner and offer our customers a carefree way to outsource their software.


Project: Web scraping

Java / Norconex / Python / PhantomJS / XML

Chemberry is an efficient platform which simplifies the interaction between chemical buyers and suppliers. Our specialized team in web scraping enables Chemberry to achieve their goal of providing a comprehensive and up-to-date directory of chemical ingredients. Using new technologies in web scraping we collect data from different chemical companies websites by covering all relevant chemical suppliers. Using an intelligent search and compare engine will help users to find the right chemical ingredients faster. Also, by using innovation industry-specific trend reports this platform presents the data in a clean and simple design.

SBB Cargo

Project: Maintenance Control Center

SAP PM / HTML5 / CSS3 / bootstrap / 3-D technology

In the event of a malfunction instructions will be given to the engine driver from a central location, so that the locomotive's traffic network does not stop. However, an interactive web application is set up, from which the office workers can help locomotive drivers in the field. Advantages: rapid troubleshooting, troubleshooting without engineering knowledge, flowing traffic network.

SBB Cargo

Project: Maintenance Plan (Asset Management)

SAP PM / Maintenance Strategy / IT Project Management

In the "Maintenance Plan" project, the maintenance plan strategy was optimized for the entire fleet of the SBB Cargo, but also the digitization of the maintenance plans on the SAP PM was carried out. However, the deadlines between the maintenance measures could be spread, which would lead to enormous cost savings and ultimately can rely on the accuracy of the retrieved maintenance plans.

SBB Cargo

Project: Data Migration Neubauloks

SAP PM / SAP DMS / IDoc / IT Project Management

The aim of this project was to migrate the entire technical documentation (CAD drawing & bills of material) of Neubauloks into the SAP DMS system. The data volume is a comprehensive set of over 15,000 records. The benefits of this project: provides a basis for the digital transformation, increased efficiency in the service facilities, increased efficiency when ordering items that provide "right" information for the "right" person at the "right" time.

SBB Cargo

Project: Agile working method

UI / UX for Web, iOS & Android / Coding

An agile and innovative solution was developed for the Fleet Technology Lok Team of the SBB Cargo AG to promote team spirit, increase efficiency and promote transparency outside the departmental level. As a theoretical basis, the Toyota Production System (TPS) was used and converted to the Scrum philosophy. Advantages: Funding of the self-learning organization, increased efficiency through incremental task processing, transparency, team spirit.

Clariant international AG

Project: Web Crawl

Java / PhantomsJS / BeautifulSoup / XML / Python

Another successful project in the field of Webscraping / Webcrawling, which we are currently processing for a globally active Swiss specialty chemicals group. Using state-of-the-art technology, our development team collects data from a variety of applications for our customer Clariant. The project deals with the collection of heterogeneous data from a thousand different websites by applying Webscraping methods. The data is collected and processed using an automated process. Webscraping provides a way to quickly collect unstructured data from disparate platforms and to process it into gold-value information for the business.


Project: KPI Repository

JSF / J2EE (Java 7) / Hibernate / JBossEAP / Oracle 12

Considered one of the largest Swiss pharmaceutical companies in the world, we have further developed an existing web application with a new module. This module manages so-called Key Performance Indicators of external laboratories to assess their quality. The acquisition and evaluation of the KPI measured values ​​are performed by a work flow, which uses MS-Excel templates as data interface. Technology stack: JEE with JBoss as Application Server, Java Server Faces for the presentation layer, Apache POI for MS-Excel and Hibernate for ORM.

eezytool Ltd.

Project: Transmitter for pay data transfer

SAP PM / HTML5 / CSS3 / bootstrap / 3-D technology

In order to be able to send the payroll reports from the eezytool's corporate accounting department automatically to several institutions (AHV, UVG, UVGZ, KTG, BVG, FAK, withholding tax and cantonal tax), a transmitter has been developed. However, an automatic data exchange between the accounting software eezytool and the different institutions was made possible. In one step, the salary data is transmitted to the transmitter (distributor), which filters it according to addressing and distributes it to the appropriate institutions. The transmitter complies with the Swiss wage standard.


Project: Relaunch

WordPress / Twig / Timber / Sass / jQuery

With our business partner Cubetech we have been able to completely revise an existing website. In addition, we have developed a simple way to easily insert a page in German or English. Furthermore, the page was supplemented with a search optimization.

Project: Migration to Laravel

Laravel (PHP) / MySQL / Bootstrap / HTML5 / CSS3 / Javascript / jQuery / jQuery UI

The,project it is a web application that makes it possible to publish job ads and gives users the ability to find job postings easily and effortlessly. Our job was to migrate the web application from Codeigniter to Laravel. The existing modules were maintained and the user interface and user experience improved. Both the database and the logic of the existing application have been optimized. Ultimately, these measures will take the security of the site to another level.

Sandro Work

Project: Relaunch Webshop

PHP / HTML5 / CSS3 / Bootstrap

An e-commerce platform that offers the opportunity to buy work wear. In addition, we have expanded the range further and supplemented it with sports and leisure items. Buyers can conveniently, easily and anywhere order their work wear online and it will be delivered to the desired location properly. As an additional function, it is possible to mark the selected article with the company logo or your own text automatically.


Project: Mobile App – Phone

UI / UX for iOS & Android

In the case of a medical emergency, a consumer should be able to set up an easy, reliable and fast telephone connection with the emergency center via an app. A mobile app solution has been developed with which the desired emergency number can be quickly selected and important information (location, name, phone, etc.) which can be transmitted to the control center.


Project: Corporate Design

Web / Hosting / Support & Maintenance / Logo / Business Card

The corporate design of the RST fire protection technology was built up from the beginning. The customer's desire to achieve an impressive appearance with his corporate design, including the Internet presence, was masterfully fulfilled.


Project: Time Tracking & Resource Planning

UI / UX for Web, iOS & Android / .NET

Upon finding a solution, the employees should be able to call up their deployment planning from the mobile app. In addition, all information from the project should be taken from the app and the time recorded. At the end of the month an automatic time report considering the working hours is created.


  • Digitale Transformation
  • IoT – Internet of Things
  • Industry 4.0
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Lean Startup
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Big Data
  • Data management


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