What you can outsource with us?

As a strategic partner, we assist Swiss software development companies to fulfill orders, eliminating skill shortages and ultimately reducing software development costs by at least 40%. At Vizah you can:

1. Outsource an entire software project
2.Outsource parts of the software development process such as coding, design and testing
3. Assemble your suitable team as a Near Shore solution


With the extension of the digitization system, both the demand and the skills management of creative user interface designers in Switzerland have increased dramatically. Taking into account that the interface (user interface) of a software gives the first impression when visiting a software, we attach particular importance to this. The best and fastest way to understand something is to see it. We create a prototype which you can validate with your users and easily re-customize or extend it. This way we avoid surprises, unnecessary costs and take measures for a successful project handling very early in the software development process.

Cost reduction

Fast realization

Design according to current trends

Our core competences:

UI/UX Design im Basel

UI Design & UX Design

Webdesign im Basel

Web Design

Mobile und Web Applikation im Basel

Mobile App Design

Webdesign und Applikation Design im Basel



Your benefits at a glance cost reduction

Kostenreduktion mit Vizah Outsourcing

Cost reduction

Lowering development costs is one of the main reasons why companies are thinking about outsourcing software development. In addition, operational activities are among the popular tasks that are outsourced because they can be done just as well by others. Vizah promises you a cost reduction of at least 40% for your software development.

Terminengpässe mit Vizah Outsourcing

Appointment bottlenecks (meeting deadlines)

Lack of resources to process the full order books often leads to bottlenecks. Outsourcing tasks allows for quick order fulfillment and meeting critical delivery deadlines. We pay particular attention to a fast reaction time, so that we are also able to eliminate resource bottlenecks in the short term.

Kerngeschäft mit Vizah Outsourcing

Core business

Those teams that are overburdened with operational activities can just as easily be taken over by others. By relieving the team, you can concentrate more on your core business and strategic activities.

Kompetenzlücke mit Vizah Outsourcing

Skills gap

If you have a request from a client to write a program in a specific programming language, but these skills are not present in your team and you do not have the time to fill that skill gap, then we can do so.

Risikominderung mit Vizah Outsourcing

Risk reduction

Hiring a coworker for just one project requires a lot of time, money and recruitment. In addition, care must be taken to be able to engage him throughout the year. Outsourcing gives you the opportunity to quickly hire a developer for just one project.


  • Digitale Transformation
  • IoT – Internet of Things
  • Industry 4.0
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Lean Startup
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Big Data
  • Data management


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