Software Outsourcing in Switzerland – Why Choose a Swiss Company?

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Software Development Outsourcing is a trend nowadays. A lot of businesses outsource their software development process to dedicated teams around the globe. Even though outsourcing is trendy, finding the right country to outsource can be hard. The idea of software outsourcing is to optimize the costs without losing the quality, and when it comes to quality, Switzerland is one of the top countries which offers reliable and quality software outsourcing.

Software Outsourcing Switzerland

Why Outsourcing to Swiss Company?

Switzerland is known globally for the quality, reliability, and discipline. That’s not in just one industry but in all of them. The same applies to Software development. The education system and the good working environment has made Switzerland home for a lot of talented software engineers. Based on a recent study by Lux, software developers consider Swiss as the most attractive country to live and work in Europe. Having a large pool of motivated and highly skilled software developers is a great advantage for Swiss. Nowadays an increasing number of businesses are considering Switzerland as a destination for outsourcing their software development needs by either Nearshoring, On-Shoring or by Off-shoring their software development needs. Here are 5 Main reasons why companies are choosing Switzerland to outsource their software development.

  1. Huge Pool of Software Developers:
    Based on a recent study (early 2018), Switzerland is ranked 11th in Europe for the number of the Software Developers, with 144.382 Software Developers. The education system has led to well educated and highly trained engineers.
  2.  Same Time-Zone
    When it comes to outsourcing, a major problem is a difference in time and communication. Being in the centre of Europe, the time difference between companies in Swiss and in Europe is not felt at all. Swiss is an incredibly convenient location for IT outsourcing, as it enables smooth communication and workflow between geographically dispersed teams.
  3.  Geographical Hotspot
    If you look at the map, Switzerland is in the centre of the Europe – Germany, France, Austria, and Italy – A direct flight to major European IT cities from Switzerland takes no longer than 1-3 hours, and that’s another advantage that Swiss has over other countries
  4.  Quality
    Quality matters, and that what’s stops most of the companies to outsource. That’s not a problem in Switzerland, quality is what the name of the game is in Switzerland, and companies do their best to offer the highest quality in terms of dedication, communication, and specialization. A good example would be Vizah GmbH, we do our best to offer the highest quality for your software development needs.
  5. Local Offices
    It’s common for Switzerland outsourcing companies to have a local presence to offer clients a more comfortable means of communication with their development team. Instead of worrying about flying to another country to discuss your needs, a nearby solution will always be available with Companies like Vizah GmbH.

Choosing the right place for outsourcing your software development needs is as important as choosing the company who is going to do it, while location matters a lot, the company that you choose to work with matters more. Switzerland is an amazing destination for software development outsourcing and Vizah GmbH is one of the top outsourcing companies in Swiss. Finding the right company in the right country would be the best solution. We at Vizah GmbH care about our clients and we treat our client’s projects as if they were ours. We are strictly dedicated to bringing quality to each of our client’s project.

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