Who are we?

The way to carefree

Vizah is a software development company based in Basel. Vizah GmbH/Co Ltd started its business in 2014. Thanks to the ingenious business model for developing software solutions in Pristina, Vizah GmbH/Co Ltd has succeeded in attracting numerous Swiss companies as strategic partners. By outsourcing software development, we help companies in Switzerland to resolve their permanent or temporary skills shortage in software development. We guarantee a fast, high quality order processing. Ultimately, we commit to cutting software development costs by as much as 40%, without compromising on quality.

Basic principle

With the motto: "The way to carefree outsourcing of software development", Vizah has managed to gain a foothold in the Swiss home market as one of the few outsourcing companies.


With great pleasure, we work daily on the vision of being the best solution for the Swiss companies in terms of software development outsourcing.

Success factor

As a present and future central success factor we give priority to quality execution. In order to sustainably secure the highest quality of execution, we rely on the Swiss know-how.

Who we are?


Stephan Schmid

Stephan Schmid


As a longtime experienced IT expert, Stephan supports the team in complex technological tasks.

Dafina Berisha

Dafina Berisha

Social Media & Marketing

Dafina is a qualified economist with extensive professional experience in marketing. She will be supporting the team with marketing activities.

Marian Bühler

Marian Bühler

Network Technology & Security

With a Master Degree in Computer Science, Marian will be available for the team with his specific knowledge in Network Technology & Security.

Dr. Marc Meyer

Dr. Marc Meyer


Marc has a doctorate degree as an economist and supports Vizah as a member of the executive board in the development of strategic orientation.

Zymer Turkaj

Zymer Turkaj

Business analyst

As co-founder and auditor, Zymer assists the team with critical issues and is responsible for strategic projects.

Visar Turkaj

Visar Turkaj

Business development

As the founder of Vizah GmbH/Co Ltd Visar is the engine of the company. With his experience and innovative attitude, he always strives to move the business forward.


Our development center in Kosovo

Youngest population in Europe

Attractive prices

European time zone

European culture

Good language skills in English and German

Proximity to central Europe

Excellent education and a huge IT talent pool


  • Digitale Transformation
  • IoT – Internet of Things
  • Industry 4.0
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Lean Startup
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Big Data
  • Data management


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